Email service Tab configuration failure when changing settings. All becomes blank


I made an application before the new Anvil Beta Editor was released using the Classic Editor . Then the development continued with New Beta Editor using the feature to have a Master and Development environment, finally the App started in production time ago. I was using a custom email server when sending mails to the users of the App and I started to have problems because changes of my email provider. So I edited the Email Service configuration and disabled the “Use Custom Mail Server” In the New Beta Editor and suddenly the Email configuration features become blank. I closed and opened the Settings and the same situation remained. So I open then some Forms of my app and I couldn’t see anything of the buttons, labels etc, like in the Email Settings. So I changed to the “Classic Editor” and there I could see Email Configuration and My Forms. Then I switched again to the New Beta Editor and I could see Email Settings and Forms again but I can’t change the Custom Server option because the issue happens again.

Finally when I made changes in the Development environment and tried to Merge the changes I see a warning in “Settings”. Opening the warning I see is because of mail changes in Settings. I can ignore the changes and do the Commit but I don’t want to have the blank forms and Email Settings again.

Do this happen to some one else?

Yes it always happens. I reported it back in April: Empty email tab

Hi, Vicente,

This is a known bug, and is on our list to fix. As @stefano.menci mentions in his original post, sometimes refreshing the IDE might help.

I have now moved this thread onto Bug Reports.


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