Deleting Developer who left organisation

Hello all,

apologies if I’m missing something but had a look around and cant see an answer to this.

  • The developer who introduced anvil to the organisation subsequently left.
  • He is currently listed as a developer on my account where I am administrator.
  • He also shared his first project to me before he left so if I try and clone it still mentions his email as the sharer and I cant remove the collaboration check box to share with team

So the questions, can I safely delete him as developer from account or could I lose access to the project?
How can i take ownership of the project or do I just need to clone it or make a new project?


That sounds like something you’d need to involve Anvil support in. Emailing them is likely to be the best route to getting it all resolved.

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Yep, drop us a line at and we can change ownership of the app to you!

(Otherwise, yes, removing him as a developer would take his apps with him, which probably isn’t what you want.)

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