Clone of Magic Concierge sending but not receiving texts

First of I have to give profs. When I first started messing about with Anvil it was more of a lark to learn more about Python. A month later I got my first paying gig and two months later delivered their web app.
Now they are back for more.
They want texting added to their app. So to see how difficult it might be I cloned Magic Concierge, got me a Vonage API and phone number and it only took me about 4 hours (mosty because I went down a rabbit hole on Vonage’s site ) to get it sending text. The only problem is, it won’t receive.
The logs tell me this:
TypeError: do_receive_sms() missing 3 required positional arguments: ‘msisdn’, ‘to’, and ‘text’
at /downlink/anvil/, line 1340
I’ve read the documentation and look at examples and went down another rabbit hole at Vonage and have finally reached the conclusion that I just don’t understand how the whole HTTP Endpoint works am way over my head with this and in need of assistance.

Don’t worry about over simplifying your explanations, right now I need an HTTP Endpoint for dummies kind of explanation.

@robstrong1960 did you ever get this working? I have the texts sending, but we want the “from” number to be one of our existing Vonage Business numbers. I can’t reach Vonage API support and I think we either need to use a webhook or get a number verified. Would love to know where you’re at with your sending/receiving SMS.