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[Beta] Ctrl+Enter does start the app, should restart it if already running

Pressing Ctrl+Enter when the app is not running, starts the app.
Editing the code and pressing Ctrl+Enter again does nothing.
It would be nice if it restarted the app, just like clicking on the Restart button.


This is an excellent idea - added to the list!

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It works, thank you!

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I noticed that if I click Run in new tab, then press Ctrl+Enter, the app running in the new tab restarts just like the app running in split view, which is good, but the old tab is closed and a new one is opened, which is a bad.

I usually run the app in a new tab, drag the tab on the second monitor, resize it to the size I want to test it (tablet, large monitor, small monitor, etc.) and keep working on the Anvil IDE.

When I press F5 on the 2nd monitor, the app restarts and stays one the 2nd monitor and keeps the size it had.

When I press Ctrl+Enter on the IDE, the app restarts and hides under the IDE’s tab.

It would be better if the app restarted where it was instead of closing the old tab and creating a new one.