AWS API feature

I wonder why Anvil has Google, Microsoft, Facebook APIs as built-in features but not AWS API while using AWS as its main hosting provider.

My guess is Anvil probably focused on integrating the most common OAuth providers for user authentication. AWS might not be as straightforward for that purpose.

What are you actually looking to do? Most AWS use cases can be handled directly with the boto3 Python SDK - if you can post a thread in thw Q&A section with more detail, I suspect you’ll get help with yours!

Yes, boto3 is a great way to work with AWS from Python but it’s only available on the server side. There are scenarios when you want to access AWS directly form the client to avoid extra API call to your server side only to transfer request farther.
I managed to build AWS SDK for JavaScript V3 bundle with the services that I require, added it to native libraries and it works fine.
Now I understand that the integration I was thinking about isn’t possible and doesn’t have much sense.