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Apps and IDE running slowly?

I am on a free plan and have no real issues with that, just wanted to notify that IDE and my App are running incredibly slow today.
I mean, when I click “Run” inside the IDE it takes a lot of time for the App to start.
The IDE UI is slow as well.
The same when I access directly the App’s public url.
Inspecting with Chrome (console and network) revealed some errors I attach here.

HAR File
Console Log

Here’s a screenshot of “network”.

Hi there,

Sorry about that – we believe we’ve now mitigated this problem! Is performance now back to normal for you?

Yes all seems back to normal, thanks for your quick fix.

I want to stress that I didn’t mean to bother you on the weekend :sweat_smile:: I am a free plan user and my “main” app is a Sc2 ladders app for me and my friends and I have no troubles at all if things run slowly for a few days.
But I thought the same issue was affecting paying customers, who run real businesses on Anvil.
I am an IT manager and when the services I run have problems, the quicker I know, the better.
That’s why I notified you.


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I didn’t want to create a new post about this, but yesterday and today we have been seeing a slowdown in the speed of our apps both in the IDE and in browser. Even apps that had no changes made lately.
Is any one else experiencing delays?