AppOffline error after calling stripe.checkout.get_token

I’m trying to charge the user the $35.00 but I keep getting App is offline:

**The following code successfully calls a server function, then successfully calls ‘’‘stripe.checkout.get_token’‘’, then fails to call the same server function that was previously working:

Code Sample:

token, info = stripe.checkout.get_token(amount=3500, 
            # billing_address=True, 
            icon_url= anvil.http.url_decode(anvil.server.get_app_origin())+ "/_/theme/small_logo2.png", 
            description='Personal monthly',
print('#3', token, info['email'])'dummy_function')

The output is:

'#3 xxx correct@email.address'
AppOffline at line 13

Any idea how I can fix this App Offline issue?

Thanks for reporting moved to bug reports. Does commenting out icon_url change anything?
We’ll try to reproduce and go from there.

Thanks. Commenting out icon_url didn’t change anything.

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Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to include to make this easier/quicker. I know the Anvil staff work diligently on these type of things.

Thanks - we’ve managed to reproduce so we expect to ship a fix soon (the reproduction code was very helpful). We’ll update this thread when we do.

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Sounds good. Thank you. Looking forward to this fix.

Hi there, has there been a fix issued yet?