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Anvil Extras v1.7

We’ve just released Anvil Extras v.1.7.0 with:

New Features


Bug Fixes

  • MultiSelectDropdown - Hides menu when component is removed from the page
  • Popover - content’s show and hide events will be triggered when the popover shows and hides
  • Autocomplete - Add missing TextBox properties to design view

Hello @owen.campbell,

since one hour we receive reports form customers that certain parts of the app throw errors.

This is very urgent thus a rollback seems to be the best solution until the issue can be properly investigated.



Sorry, but that library is maintained on a purely voluntary basis in the maintainers’ spare time.

We do so on a ‘best efforts’ basis, but nobody is paying us for support, maintenance, bug fixing or development. I’m working for a client today. I may be able to look at it this evening or tomorrow morning (UK time).

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@owen.campbell i totaly understand that.
I don’t ask you to fix the bug, just roll back to a previous version to ensure that our customers can work with the application.

Thank you!

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Fixed (very quickly by @stucork) and released as 1.7.1


@owen.campbell @stucork,

thank you very much for the fast fix - we really appreciate the effort from you guys!


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Hi Owen! Just wondering something about this… Would it be possible to make it so we can choose the different versions of extras (like in the image below)? I think anvil-extras is only going to become more popular going forward and for people planning to use it in production, it’d be great to be able to go back to a previous version or just leave it fixed to guarantee it’ll work regardless of future changes.

What do you guys think?


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This new component is amazing, I’m wondering, since it’s so easy to use plotly on anvil and wanting to keep in line with style consistency, if I were to try to use plotly as a renderer as instructed here: Optional-Extra-Renderers#plotly-charts-demo how would I go about setting it up? Is that possible?

I noticed plotly made a modded version of the pivot table just in case

Thanks and as always, huge thanks for the great work you guys do with this library!


Well, I’m not a guy, but there are two possibilities:

  1. Anvil are working on making it possible to pin a third party dependency version, so you could just wait for that, or,

  2. You could follow the installation instructions for enterprise users and then manage the dependency yourself. (Enterprise users can’t use third party dependencies and have to install this way. Anyone else has the choice).


I think that would require a few additions to the component. PRs welcome!


Thank you Owen & Stu for your contribution to the Anvil learning community. I am a newbie and I enjoy learning Anvil at my spare time. I think for anyone who uses Anvil and Anvil third party dependency for serious client projects, they should sign up Business plan or above for full Anvil support. And to be fair, it is not really a non-commercial third party contributor’s responsibility to look after anyone else’s projects. But thanks to Stu’s quick fix. :+1: