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Add "Save and Publish" to "Save"

The current process is:

  1. Save a snapshot (with a distinctive name/description)
  2. Open History window
  3. Wait for the just-saved snapshot to appear at the top of the History window. For a large app, this can be 15 seconds or more. More than enough opportunity to get called away to work on some other problem.
  4. Click the snapshot’s “Publish” link.

It’d be a lot less effort (and nearly invulnerable to interruption) to just check a “Publish” checkbox on the name-entry window, and be done with it.

Nearly done. I still have to tell testers when the Publish has gone through (so that they can refresh their browsers), so I’d need some visual feedback when it had completed.


I usually invert steps 1 and 2 and save from the History window.
I have never noticed any delay, the saved version appears on the list in real time.

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Thanks, @stefano.menci, I’ll try that!