A very small and almost pointless game: First to fifty!


As a kid, I used to play a game called first to fifty. The aim is simple: Throw a die until you decide to stop, add, and the first to fifty wins. The twist is that if you get 6, you lose the points (in the current round, not the points saved from previous rounds).

I am a bit embarrassed to share this, since it is not polished or finished (sorry, there are many easily corrected bugs), and I did this only to learn more Anvil two years ago - but it might be useful for some, so I swallowed my pride.

For instance, one thing that might be useful, which took me some time to figure out, was to make the graphics of a rolling die. I used a gif, but the problem was that a gif did not stop. After lots of google searches, it turns out that it is possible to stop a gif, and I could use the following line:


Anyway, here is the code, if anyone wants to have a look or improve/revise it.



I played a game, I like it! I also like gifs for everything, so I think I am the target audience.


That’s great! It’s also timely, as I was pondering a dice rolling app and hadn’t hit on an animated gif as a method of rolling dice.


First time player… very fun!

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